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Jane Goodall's

New Year's Message

Happy New Year to all my friends and supporters – JGI and Roots & Shoots family around the world.

First of all let me share my hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of us. We have to face up to the fact that all over the world there is an awful lot of bad news, but we must take heart from the fact that there are also wonderful and inspirational people creating a tremendous amount of good news, most of which is never reported. And we, at JGI, are doing our share in making this a better world for all living things. If only we had a way of somehow demonstrating just how much of a difference we are making, people would be amazed. Because I am always visiting the countries where we work, it’s clear to me that what is happening is magical. And each one of you has contributed in your own way. So I want to say a big, warm, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone in my JGI family...

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News & Events

Dr. Goodall to Lecture in Calgary on April 8th

Presented by Vets To Go, this extraordinary evening offers a unique look into the lives of the animals with whom we share the world. Learn More and Purchase Tickets

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Dr. Jane Goodall talks about our unique Roots & Shoots program, a global movement that inspires youth-led local action.



OFIFC and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada partner to bring together Aboriginal Youth, Indigenous Knowledge and Science

The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada (JGI) has partnered with the Ontario Federation of Indigigenous Centres  to engage Aboriginal youth in JGI’s Roots and Shoots program.   Learn More