Global Affairs Canada


Sinking Ship Entertainment


Science North

$25,000 – $49,999

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.

The Youssef-Warren Foundation

Shauna Woolley Family

$10,000 – $24,999

Nature’s Path

Donner Canadian Foundation

Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC)

Puchniak Family Fund

The Winnipeg Foundation

Sarah Haney Family

Copernicus Educational

The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society of Canada

Phyllis Taylor Family


$5,000 – $9,999

Lynda O’Carroll Family

Joel Hilchey Family

RBC Financial Group

Jane Adamson Family

Stevenson Developments Ltd.

Josef and Annette Ebner Family

Julie Gray Family

Anonymous Family

U of T Centre for Global Engineering

$1,000 – $4,999

J.J. Johnson

Jim Bertram and Bonnie Foster Family

Won Sok Chung Family

The O’Neill Foundation Inc.

Heidi Owen Family

David Charitable Trust

RBC Financial Group

Heidi Susanne and Robert Evans Family Family

Anonymous Family

Maggie and Ian Dale Family

Leanna Crouch Family

Caroline Desautels Family

Sheila Fowler Family

Ryan Walker Family

United Way East Ontario

Anna Di Rezze Family

Sharon Stephenson Family

Nancy Pope Family

Martha Richardson Family

Christopher Alsop Family

Susan Madsen Family

Robert and Joan McQuillan Family

Elizabeth Uy Family

Drew Doggett

Viola Birss Family

Rose Lechow Family

Robert and Joan McQuillan Family

Myrna Bennett Family

Phillip and Laurie Sanford Family

Robert Falls Family

Heather M L Miller Family

Brian Farrell Yukon Family

Donald Livingstone Family

Lynda O’Carroll Family

Robert Goodall Family


Gail and Wilhelmus Van Gestel Family

Toronto Foundation Hallward Fund

Nadine Carpenter Family

Matthew Young-Lai Family


Victoria Russell Family

Lynn and Vern Hult Family

Helen and David Spence Family

Anita Nador Family

John Harrison Family

Peter Biro Family

Sarah and Andrew Wertkin Family

Sybil Cartmell Family

Richard Gaulin Family

Teresa Cavazos Family

Jeffrey Rose Family

Melanie Isbister Family

Rebecca Whittle Family

Jean Jeffrey Family

Balig Stein Family

Tracy Cooper Family

Generation Capital

John and Lynn Keating Family

Donald Lawton Family

Suzanne Parent Family

Neil Oakley Family

Shelley Solomon Family


Virginia Miller Family

St. Brother Andre School

Lauren Bevand Family

Maureen Marshall Family

United Way East Ontario

Salesforce.com Foundation

Vivian Leung Family

Paypal Giving Fund