A project that helps to lower the carbon footprint of your community.

Around the world, young people are experiencing the effects of the changing climate change first-hand. Climate anxiety is real, but there is hope. By taking the lead and working together to act against climate change, you and your project can be part of the solution for a sustainable future.

Examples of past projects applicable to this theme:

  • Do an energy audit of your school and see how your school can reduce its energy use
  • Lead a climate march in your community to bring awareness to the issue
  • Host a tree planting day to increase tree cover and the sequestration of carbon


Our Resource section includes things like our Climate Change Curriculum Guide and our Biodiversity Guide. These can be helpful tools for any Roots & Shoots project!

Climate Change (Environment) Projects

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Battlefords Family Health Centre Healthy Living Land Based Learning Community Garden

BFHC has actively sought ways to address the Calls to Action our country is facing. The Garden Project is designed to increase nutritious food available to all people, engage in active living while incorporating intergenerational interactions, social participation and community supports.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Boreal Rangers Medicine Gardens

Youth and Elders will come together to create gardens with the four sacred medicines as well as native plant species of the area. This multigenerational effort will educate the youth about traditional ways, work to improve biodiversity and leave lasting education for the community.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment)

Bring back the Bees

Students will beautify school grounds and the city by planting plants that attract bees (and butterflies). They will partner with a local organaization to arrange a free bus to take us to the planting sites. They will plant trees/shrubs that will grow for years to come and rely on local experts for support.

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Community Climate Hub

The Community Climate Hub was created as a central database for local climate policies/plans, local climate stories and a detailed list of ways to take climate action in the Region of Peel. The Hub aims to effectively engage youth in local politics & increase local climate literacy in our community.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Elsipogtog School Guardians of the Planet

Grade 5 Students at Elsipogtog School are coming together to build the Guardians of the Planet Leadership Team to address the environmental concerns of our school community. Students will work to make an impact on a school level and hopefully begin to impact the greater community.

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Establish, a podcast by Shake Up The Establishment

A podcast by Shake Up The Establishment. Hosted by youth, reclaiming their spaces and establishing new ones. They stand to make climate and social justice conversations accessible to all. They will hold our governments accountable, and provide you with the tools to do the same.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

HWW Medicine/Wellness Garden

The medicine garden will bring all members of Treaty 7 together. Research indicates that land-based learning opportunities and other Indigenous ways of knowing have a significant impact on student’s wellbeing, sense of self and fosters a respectful relationships with the Earth.

Climate Change (Environment)

John Mahood EcoClub, Elmira

The John Mahood EcoClub did a community mapping project in the spring of 2021. Students identified transportation as a major concern in our community. Students would like to be healthier and help the planet by riding their scooters to school. The problem is that there is no rack for scooters at school. This project will […]

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Kahehta:ke (In The Garden)

With the support from the Jane Goodall Institute, the students at the Skaronhyase’ko:wa Everlasting Tree School will realize the importance of food sovereignty & sustainability through ground cultivation, seed planting, plant growth maintenance and food harvest from the garden they create.