A project that helps to lower the carbon footprint of your community.

Around the world, young people are experiencing the effects of the changing climate change first-hand. Climate anxiety is real, but there is hope. By taking the lead and working together to act against climate change, you and your project can be part of the solution for a sustainable future.

Examples of past projects applicable to this theme:

  • Do an energy audit of your school and see how your school can reduce its energy use
  • Lead a climate march in your community to bring awareness to the issue
  • Host a tree planting day to increase tree cover and the sequestration of carbon


Our Resource section includes things like our Climate Change Curriculum Guide and our Biodiversity Guide. These can be helpful tools for any Roots & Shoots project!

Climate Change (Environment) Projects

Climate Change (Environment)

SBC Beach Cleanup

This project was sparked by one teacher’s dream to ignite the desire to make a global change in their junior high students. Students are so addicted to technology these days, and spend less time connecting with nature. Through Roots & Shoots, students will learn that all efforts can lead to bigger change to the world […]

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment)

St Raphael Shade Garden

Student’s will create 2 educational habitat gardens. One garden will be focused on sun and the other on shade.

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

The Milk Bag Project

Through this project, students will collect milk/plastic bags, reusing them by turning them into sleeping mats, purses, and pillows. They’ll donate the mats and the proceeds from selling the other products to homeless shelters. They want to raise awareness of the impact of overconsumption, homelessness, and their ties to Indigenous issues.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Three Sisters Garden

The Healing Garden will act as a living classroom, to help build life skills in local youth, allow positive space to network and will give back to the communities it serves. Youth will prepare, plant, monitor, harvest and deliver produce from the garden to local food shelters, and local families.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Vermicomposting project in our Outdoor Exploration Centre

Teaching students about methods of composting to support the school garden. Through this project students will be addressing biodiversity loss, climate change, and environmental inequity.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

YEK LAU,NES -Health and Healing

This project will focus on biodiversity, environmental restoration and the Coat Salish teachings of native plants, particularly Cedar. Students will be working in a new Native Plant and Pollinator garden, restoring Havenwood Park and harvesting Cedar in Latoria Creek Park, with Elder guidance.

Climate Change (Environment)

Zero Waste Facility

As a brand new school, Waterford Springs want to make sure they start off right. Their plan is to be a zero waste school. They currently recycle but our snack/lunch scraps & home ec scraps still fill our waste baskets. Through this project, they’ll introduce an indoor composter, compost bins for school & compost bins […]