A project that helps to lower the carbon footprint of your community.

Around the world, young people are experiencing the effects of the changing climate change first-hand. Climate anxiety is real, but there is hope. By taking the lead and working together to act against climate change, you and your project can be part of the solution for a sustainable future.

Examples of past projects applicable to this theme:

  • Do an energy audit of your school and see how your school can reduce its energy use
  • Lead a climate march in your community to bring awareness to the issue
  • Host a tree planting day to increase tree cover and the sequestration of carbon


Our Resource section includes things like our Climate Change Curriculum Guide and our Biodiversity Guide. These can be helpful tools for any project!

Climate Change (Environment) Projects

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Soil Regeneration Project

The goals of the project are to organize and implement activities that promote soil regeneration, that prioritize composting of waste from other school programs, that establishes a native prairie ecosystem, and that provides a culturally significant space on school property.

Solar Day
Climate Change (Environment)

Solar Day at Greenway

Solar day is an annual project which was created by a group of my students 3 years ago through Roots and Shoots. It takes place around the time of summer solstice. every year. The school uses as little electricity as possible and goes outside to learn and build community.

we don’t have an entire visual representation of what people will bring in to display; the idea is repurposed art or art that would be disposed of
Climate Change (Environment)

Sustainability Art Show- Repurposing Work

The essence of this project is to allow art students to showcase their talent rather than art work being thrown out or untouched after assessments. It promotes sustainability by encouraging repurposing and reusing materials

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment)

The Bird Safe Community Project

Bird Safe Guelph will work with the University of the Guelph and the Guelph community to educate and inspire action toward local bird conservation. This project will gather a community together for the second annual Guelph Bird Day, to celebrate, learn about, and protect our community’s birds.

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

The Compost Conundrum: Staying eco friendly in -30 degree weather!

The Grade 3/4 class will start a school wide, indoor composting campaign to reduce the amount of food scraps that end up in the landfills.Using Foodcyclers, they will educate the entire school on how the machine works and what items they can put in it.

Bring our Living Wall Back to Life!!
Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment)

The Lord Beaverbrook High School Living Wall restoration

I’m a Leadership teacher at our school and our students want to include an Environmental Leadership component to the program. One major idea they have to to revive our “Living Wall” that exists in the foyer with more sustainable & biodiverse plants. These Enviro-leaders are being the change daily.

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

The Snowshoe: A Historical, Cultural, Ecological, Multidisciplinary Project

In a collaborative effort with First Nation Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Lake Superior High school Technology Department, Science Department, and History Departments students will construct their own “Pays Plat” snowshoe. The unit would use “The Snowshoe” as the integrated context for learning.

Sprouts: big ideas sprouting change
Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

The Sprouts Initiative

Sprouts is an online platform connecting like-minded people to collaborate on environmental initiatives worldwide. Starting in early 2023, students from universities in different countries will implement initiatives of their design and build the Sprouts website as part of our pilot project.

Building an understanding of our 'Place'
Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Understanding our Place

Students will build an understanding of our ‘place’ with respect to the interconnectedness of the ecology, culture and economy in southern Alberta. This study will examine the development of our place using these 3 dimensions from our past, present and into the future.