A project that celebrates diverse cultures, practices and traditions in climate action;

OR addresses/raises awareness about the disparities faced by different communities, identities and cultures in experiencing the effects of climate change.

Examples of past projects applicable to this theme:

  • Cultural Preservation projects such as Indigenous beading workshops, drum making and knowledge sharing
  • Outdoor stewardship projects that highlight diverse practices such as medicine gardens, Indigenous food gardens and nurseries, or African-diaspora gardens
  • Media that amplifies voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and their experiences with climate change, such as the Our Climate, Our Stories ebook by EnviroMuslims or the Establish podcast by Shake Up the Establishment


Our Resource section includes things like our Climate Change Curriculum Guide and our Biodiversity Guide. These can be helpful tools for any project!

Environmental Inequity (People) Projects

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Environmental Inequity (People)

Connecting to our Roots

Providing youth with the opportunity to explore nature and learn about traditional pants and medicines. Allowing them to experience firsthand the wonderful and diverse world found outside the city. While strengthening their understanding of biodiversity loss and fostering a drive to support change.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Eat Clean Toronto!

Eat Clean Toronto is a project that aims to reduce food-related harm to the environment by educating and empowering youth to incorporate sustainability in their eating habits. Our mission is to reduce food wastage, reduce emissions, and protect wildlife through education.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Ecosystem Restoration

Students have a strong desire to restore ecosystems in and around our school. We are proud to have started a Native Plant and Pollinator Garden that serves as a hub for these activities. Students will continue to grow this garden space, plant more native species and learn plant knowledge from elders

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Empowering marginalised youth as environmental stewards

Toronto has a large population of marginalized youth who are new immigrants, people of colour & are economically vulnerable. Through workshops & a field action campaign this project will engage, educate & empower these youth to become environmental stewards within their local communities.

Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)


In 2020 with funding from the APE Fund, Shake Up The Establishment launched Establish, a podcast by youth for youth centred on amplifying youth voices in climate justice conversations. In 2023, we will continue to host experts across so-called Canada to educate youth on politics and the environment

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Establishing a Land-Based Indigenous Ecology teaching and learning project in the Orchard Garden

The Orchard Garden Land-Based Indigenous Ecology Lab will create a culturally-appropriate place for Indigenous knowledge keepers to teach UBC students via hands-on experience of traditional land stewardship, building food systems sustainability and resilience through nature-based climate solutions.

Environmental Inequity (People)

Food Insecurity in Urban Settings

We are facing many global pressures, namely the fractured state of agri-food systems. It is critically important to transform how we think, communicate, and how we engage with the rest of the world. An issue I am addressing is food security, by hosting workshops I hope to educate and inspire

Environmental Inequity (People)

Food is Life! Nature is Wellness!

Food is life. Nature fosters wellness. The food we eat and time in nature have a powerful impact on our health and wellbeing. Our project will focus on organizing a hands-on community event to teach families about farm to table meals and how to explore nature as a form of healing and wellness.

Tasting fall kale at Metanoia Farmers Workers Cooperative
Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Environmental Inequity (People)

Food Security for All our Relations

This project is building system-level awareness of food security, which takes into account the needs and gifts of the land, humans, and all our more-than-human relations. Past and present wisdom and food practices can teach us how to cultivate diverse food ecosystems for the present and the future.