A project that celebrates diverse cultures, practices and traditions in climate action;

OR addresses/raises awareness about the disparities faced by different communities, identities and cultures in experiencing the effects of climate change.

Examples of past projects applicable to this theme:

  • Cultural Preservation projects such as Indigenous beading workshops, drum making and knowledge sharing
  • Outdoor stewardship projects that highlight diverse practices such as medicine gardens, Indigenous food gardens and nurseries, or African-diaspora gardens
  • Media that amplifies voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and their experiences with climate change, such as the Our Climate, Our Stories ebook by EnviroMuslims or the Establish podcast by Shake Up the Establishment


Our Resource section includes things like our Climate Change Curriculum Guide and our Biodiversity Guide. These can be helpful tools for any Roots & Shoots project!

Environmental Inequity (People) Projects

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Three Sisters Garden

The Healing Garden will act as a living classroom, to help build life skills in local youth, allow positive space to network and will give back to the communities it serves. Youth will prepare, plant, monitor, harvest and deliver produce from the garden to local food shelters, and local families.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

Vermicomposting project in our Outdoor Exploration Centre

Teaching students about methods of composting to support the school garden. Through this project students will be addressing biodiversity loss, climate change, and environmental inequity.

Environmental Inequity (People)

Walk the Path of the Ancestors

The goal of the Walk the Path of the Ancestors project is to re-connect the students to the land through traditional Indigenous activities, teachings and stories. They will incorporate ceremonies, Cree language and land-based actions to build knowledge and engagement.

Biodiversity Loss (Animals), Climate Change (Environment), Environmental Inequity (People)

YEK LAU,NES -Health and Healing

This project will focus on biodiversity, environmental restoration and the Coat Salish teachings of native plants, particularly Cedar. Students will be working in a new Native Plant and Pollinator garden, restoring Havenwood Park and harvesting Cedar in Latoria Creek Park, with Elder guidance.