Please support conservation this holiday season, with a gift that protects animals, empowers people, and fights climate change at this critical time. Every donation, big or small, is one step towards turning hope into action for the future of all beings.

Every individual has a role to play, every individual can make a difference.

Your generous gift today will go towards:

  • Food, medicine, and supplies to help care for rescued chimpanzees at our Tchimpounga Sanctuary;
  • Supporting long-term community-centred conservation programs in places like Senegal that address climate change, chimpanzee safety, and sustainable food sources;
  • Ongoing advocacy work in Canada like the Jane Goodall Act – a Bill currently before the Senate that proposes some of the strongest legal protections for captive animals in the world;
  • Community engagement campaigns like Jane’s Green Hope, where thousands of people around the world are regreening their own communities;
  • Roots & Shoots programs, focused on empowering young people across Canada, that provides tools and resources to support youth projects focused on sustainability. 

How We’re Inspiring Hope Through Action

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Today people realize that saving the environment is not just for wildlife but for their own future. They have become our partners in conservation.

– Dr. Jane Goodall (2022)