Thank you for supporting JGI Canada with a year-end gift that protects animals, supports people, and fights climate change at this critical time. Don’t let today pass you by without making a difference for our precious planet.

Every individual has a role to play, every individual can make a difference.

Your 100% tax deductible gift today can go towards life-changing initiatives like:

  • Community-Centred Conservation Programs to help local people live sustainably and in harmony with chimpanzees for their habitat;
  • JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary in the Republic of Congo, home to over 140 rescued chimpanzees – each one with a different story and different needs;
  • Roots & Shoots Projects across Canada, where thousands of youth are making small changes in their communities and schools, which have long-term effects on the environment around them. 

How We’re Inspiring Hope Through Action

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Today people realize that saving the environment is not just for wildlife but for their own future. They have become our partners in conservation.

– Dr. Jane Goodall (2022)