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Chimpanzees are victims of poaching, illegal wildlife trafficking, and the brutal pet trade. But when you join Team Goodall, you support life-saving programs that help to end chimpanzee suffering, one chimp at a time.

For less than the cost of a streaming service, you can provide essential resources and equipment for orphaned chimpanzees.

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Dr. Jane Releases Wounda the Chimpanzee

The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada does not endorse close proximity to or handling of chimpanzees. This represents a sanctuary context with trained professionals.

You might know Dr. Jane Goodall as the woman who first discovered chimpanzees using tools to eat termites. Since that discovery over 40 years ago, she has become a global conservation icon, working to end chimpanzee suffering, and advocating to end the brutal illegal wildlife trade, sounding the alarm about climate change, and working tirelessly for a more just and sustainable world.

Team Goodall helps the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada to protect chimpanzees and end chimpanzee suffering, one chimpanzee at a time.