Stop Wildlife Trafficking

One of the biggest threats facing chimpanzees and other endangered animals is illegal trafficking. Live chimpanzees are trafficked as exotic pets, and the bodies of chimpanzees killed by poachers are destined for the illegal bushmeat trade.

Sadly, it is not only chimpanzee populations that are suffering. Hundreds of endangered species, from tigers to butterflies, from rhinos to pangolins, are victims of illegal wildlife trafficking.

At our Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo, we see the victims: Apes maimed by snare traps and traumatized chimpanzee infants who have been snatched from their mother’s arms.

Four out of six great apes are now classified as critically endangered. With the eastern lowland gorilla recently added to the critically endangered species list, the need to protect remaining great ape populations and end illegal trafficking couldn’t be more urgent.

The Jane Goodall Institute has been saving chimpanzees – casualties of illegal trafficking – for more than two decades at our Tchimpounga sanctuary.

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