The Jane Goodall Act - Jane Goodall

Help pass the Jane Goodall Act!

Dr. Jane Goodall and Senator Murray Sinclair have teamed up to push for the protection of captive great apes, elephants and other animals in captivity, and to ban the importation of elephant ivory and hunting trophies into Canada, with the Jane Goodall Act. Senator Sinclair introduced the Jane Goodall Act in the Senate of Canada, building on the 2019 laws phasing out whale and dolphin captivity for entertainment and on Dr. Goodall’s 2019 call to action. In Canada, there are currently 33 great apes and over 20 elephants in captivity. With the Jane Goodall Act, we can ensure a safer future for these endangered animals.

Dr. Jane and Senator Sinclair need your help to make sure these critical protections for animals are passed by the Senate and then by the House of Commons so that the Jane Goodall Act can officially become law. 

Using our simple tool below, tell your government representatives to stand up for captive great apes and elephants by supporting the Jane Goodall Act. Simply fill in your postal code and hit “add your voice” to encourage Senators and your MP to protect animals and stand behind the Jane Goodall Act. You can even customize the letter (optional) before hitting send!

Photo credit: The Jane Goodall Institute, Daniel Crump, Fernando Turmo