For Giving Tuesday 2023, we wanted to give back to our incredible community. So we made this Jane Goodall-inspired playlist for your listening please. Enjoy!

  1. The Return of the King: One of Dr. Jane’s favourite books is Lord of the Rings. She sees it as a story of hope, of unlikely heroes facing impossible odds but never giving up. 
  2. Nature in Harmony: Composer Wolfgang Netzer previously worked with Jane as a composer for the score of the 2010 documentary, Jane’s Journey. This piece is a beautiful rumination on nature. 
  3. Water Wheel: Another lovely composition from long-time collaborator with Dr. Goodall, Wolfgang Netzer. 
  4. Good Mother: This iconic song from Canadian icon Jann Arden makes us think of Dr. Jane, who often references her mother as a reason she was able to fearlessly enter the jungle and change the world. JGIC supporters may remember Jann and Dr. Jane in conversation on Facebook Live in 2022. 
  5. Forest Bathing Bliss: This playlist would not be complete without some immersive nature sounds. 
  6. Life Force Seeds: Dr Jane Goodall and The Jane Goodall Institute participated in this project by Jasper Høiby in 2022. Wait till the middle of the track for words from Dr. Jane. 
  7. Feels like Home: JGI’s 2023 Brand Ambassador Chantal Kreviazuk played this song at our 2023 event 10×10, and has been a great supporter of JGI Canada. 
  8. Be the Change: Thanks to our friends at Open Strum, 100% of proceeds from this song (featuring words from Dr. Goodall) goes to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. Thank you, Open Strum!
  9. Nobody Rules You: The wonderful Danny Michel sang this to Dr. Goodall at her 85th birthday party in Canada, and is sure to make you feel empowered.
  10. One Step Closer: This catchy theme song for JANE on Apple TV+ was composed by Diane Warren and performed by Leona Lewis. JANE comes from our friends at Sinking Ship Entertainment and supports the Jane Goodall Institute. 
  11. In the Shadow of Man: This other track from Philip Glass’s score for Jane is titled after Dr. Jane’s famous book of the same name in which she shares stories from her time in Gombe. 
  12. Dr. JANE GOODALL: You Are Reason for Hope. This premiere episode of Jane Goodall’s Hopecast is the perfect 20 minutes if you’re to snuggle up with Dr. Jane’s familiar voice and nurture your feelings of hope.