Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots : 10 Inspiring Projects

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots : 10 Inspiring Projects

Written By: Anna Muir, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Youth Power

It's never too early to make a difference.

This is the message behind Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, a youth-led program that equips young people to address sustainability challenges in their communities. The result is an assortment of pretty amazing projects—each making a difference for people, animals and the environment.
Founded by Dr. Jane in 1991, Roots & Shoots is now present in almost 100 countries across the globe. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roots & Shoots, here are 10 inspiring projects led by super awesome Canadian youth who are helping build a more sustainable tomorrow, and having fun while they’re at it.

1. Ashely is a future earth protector who wrote a novel about the plight of the honeybee, lent a portion of her backyard out to a beekeeper, and got a local nursery to offer 15% off bee friendly flowers to her entire community!

Hive Five!

2. This talented teen led educational hikes to help inspire her friends and family to get in touch with nature. Today she is using photography to inspire people to learn about the natural world. Fun fact – she has a chicken named Cleopatra.

3. This young scientist who was very concerned about the damage Eurasian Milfoil was having on Canada’s lakes and waterways helped his dad build a barge that filters the aquatic villain.

4. The Accessible Nutrition Initiative launched an outreach program that helped show their community that healthy eating doesn’t have to cost a lot.

5. This budding activist saved a 400 year old, 10.5 hectare woodlot from development!

6. This beautiful outdoor classroom (which by the way is in the shape of a medicine wheel and full of indigenous flowering plants) was created by a Roots & Shoots Whole School in Lacombe, Alberta. To top it off, students also participated in a local watershed study to learn about their relationship with the environment and their role in the ecosystem. Go team!

7. This resourceful and compassionate duo literally built an outdoor classroom called the Garden of Hope that helps kids learn how to grow their own food.

8. This future filmmaker created an insightful documentary, Sacred Dollars, to raise awareness about the proposed development of the old growth Beaver Pond Forest in Kanata’s South March Highlands.

9. With the help of their teachers, this class of kindergartners built and installed bird houses in their schoolyard to shelter local birdlife during the winter.

10. This incredibly mindful group of students raised awareness around the importance of maintaining the integrity of the coastline through a community event that explored Indigenous teachings, coastal plants, and traditional paddle carving.

Are you ready to create positive change? Join the Roots & Shoots movement!

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