10 Ways Donors Change the World

Written By: Rebecca Dean, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Our Champions

Let’s face it. We couldn’t save chimpanzees and work with villages in the Congo’s wildlife areas and support Canada’s young agents of awesome change, if it weren’t for our donors.

Our supporters rock because they:

1. Feed Chimpanzees 

As Jane herself and the team at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center know, chimpanzees love fruit! One chimpanzee typically eats up to 10 kilos of fruit in a single day! Multiply this by the total number of chimpanzees that call Tchimpounga home and we’re talking about a lot of mangos and bananas – 1, 397 kilos to be exact.

2. Help Congolese Communities on the Frontlines of Conservation

The Democratic Republic of Congo contains the world’s largest remaining wild chimpanzee populations. But poverty and ongoing conflict puts a strain on the forest’s resources and threatens chimpanzees. JGI Canada’s Delivering Healthy Futures project aims to protect chimpanzees and their habitat by helping communities that border the forest. When people are empowered, they can benefit from conservation.

3. Give Chimps Places to Play

If there is one thing everyone knows about primates is it that they love to play, and the chimpanzees of Tchimpounga sure live up to their reputation!  The rehabilitation center is equipped with interactive structures for the chimpanzees to climb, play and socialize, all of which are critical to chimp development.

4. Pay the Vet Bills

The team at the Tchimpounga work to provide critical emergency care to injured chimpanzees like Mambou. Mambou was a very ill chimpanzee who arrived at Tchimpounga hardly able to move. Fast forward to a month later and his caregivers have a hard time getting Mambou to sleep at bedtime! Between playing with his best friend at the sanctuary —  Tangu — and having a healthy appetite, this little guy is hardly recognizable from the sick little chimp we first met!

5. Fight Wildlife Crime

By signing and sharing our petition that Dr. Goodall will present to key decision makers, our supporters are helping protect chimpanzees by lending their voice to the fight against wildlife crime.

6. Host ECHOage Parties

Every month, kids of all ages host ECHOage parties. Instead of asking for presents they ask for their party guests to give a donation! These young people are super-heroes for chimps.

7.  Show Chimps the Love

Caregivers, who provide round-the-clock attention for the chimpanzees, are often filling in for chimpanzee mothers, who have been killed because of illegal poaching and hunting practices. Just like us, what these chimpanzees need is love!

8. Join us at Events!

No one gets people inspired to make positive change quite like Dr. Jane Goodall – and all proceeds from ticket sale go to supporting the Institute’s work!

9. Share the Love on Social Media

When our supporters share one of our Facebook posts or re-tweet us on Twitter they raise awareness and help expand our reach. In return, they get a steady supply of cute, hilarious, and informative chimpanzee related content. Win win!

10) Inspire their Children to be like Jane

More than 25 years ago Jane Goodall started Roots & Shoots, which has evolved into a global community of youth who aspire to make the planet better for people, animals, and the environment. Many of our supporters get their young ones involved in the program, helping to grow the next generation of Janes.