Let’s face it. We couldn’t save orphaned and injured chimpanzees, partner with communities on long-term conservation solutions, fight against the end of biodiversity loss, and support Canada’s young environmental leaders, if it weren’t for our donors.

Our donors inspire hope through action. They make a difference for animals, people, and the environment we share. Here are 10 ways our donors are changing the world!

1. They Help Feed Rescued Chimpanzees

As Jane herself and the team at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center know, chimpanzees love fruit! One chimpanzee typically eats up to 10 kilos of fruit in a single day! Multiply this by the total number of chimpanzees that call Tchimpounga home (140) and we’re talking about a lot of mangos and bananas.

2. Support Community-Centred Conservation

Our founder, Dr. Jane Goodall, realized the key to conservation is to find solutions that meet a community’s needs. Thanks to the support of our donors, we’re able to partner with communities to implement long term conservation solutions in critical habitat. Learn more about our approach.

3. Give Rescued Chimpanzees a Chance to Play

If there is one thing everyone knows about primates is it that they love to play, and the chimpanzees of Tchimpounga are not different. The rehabilitation center is equipped with interactive structures for the chimpanzees to climb, play and socialize, all of which are critical to chimp development. Contributions from our donors make a difference in the day-to-day for rescued chimpanzees.

4. Help Injured Chimpanzees Get Life-Saving Care

The team at the Tchimpounga work to provide critical emergency care to injured chimpanzees like Perrine. Perrine was near death when she arrived at Tchimpounga. She was anemic and partially paralyzed. Tchimpounga vets were able to act fast, giving Perrine one of only two known chimpanzee-to-chimpanzee blood transfusions. Today Perrine is safe and spends her days exploring the forest with the other infant chimpanzees at the sanctuary.

5. Taking Action on Important Issues

Donors give us hope by taking action on issues that matter to them. Whether it’s planting a tree, taking the pledge to help wildlife stay #ForeverWild, planning to recycle their old cell phones, or starting Roots & Shoots projects. Our community makes a difference Every. Single. Day.

6. They Rally Communities

Whether it’s hosting a fundraiser to mark a milestone, planning a community clean-up, or donating their birthday through ECHOAge, our donors know how to Rally a Community to make a lasting change. And we think that’s pretty inspiring.

7. Send Care to Infant Chimpanzees

When orphaned infant chimpanzees arrive at Tchimpounga, they often need constant care from caregivers like Antonette. These caregivers often take the place of chimpanzee mothers, who were likely lost to the illegal wildlife trade. Thanks to the support of our donors, we’re able to ensure baby chimpanzees receive love and care from trained professionals.

8. Share Hope & Inspiration at Events

Our donors share their energy, hope, and inspiration at our events – specially designed to get attendees talking, thinking and doing. The next day, they wake up eager to take action and inspire others. Bonus – all proceeds from ticket sale go directly to JGIC’s work!

9. Make a Difference Online

When our supporters share our messages on social media, they raise awareness and help expand our reach. Our community is truly making the online world a better, more inspiring, and educational place to be. And we mean that.

10. Equip the Young Environmental Leaders of Today

More than 25 years ago Jane Goodall started Roots & Shoots, which has evolved into a global community of youth who aspire to make the planet better for people, animals, and the environment. Many of our supporters get their young ones involved in the program, helping to grow the next generation of Janes.

Photo Credit: Fernando Turmo/JGI, Ophir Sarusi, Mike Graeme

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