5 Roots & Shoots Projects that helped save the planet

5 Roots & Shoots projects that helped save the planet

Written By: Kari-Lyn Danyluk, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Youth Power

Young people in Canada are demonstrating incredible leadership and dedication in addressing environmental challenges, and living Dr. Jane’s mantra that it’s never too early to make a difference. Across the country, Canadian youth made community change happen and watched their neighbourhoods become better places. Here are five projects that we just loved.

1. The students at Jean Little Public School in Guelph found many fun ways to recycle. They made grass pets, jewelry and crafts, and even created a bench using plastic water bottles as bricks.

2. Earth protectors at École Robert-H. Smith in Winnipeg created a dynamic diorama of the environment near the Lost and Found at their school. As the Lost and Found gradually filled with items, students added cut-outs of pollution clouds and clothing factories, and removed animals to symbolize a shrinking environment. Very innovative!

3. Concerned for the welfare of butterflies, students at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School in Etobicoke designed a garden filled with native plants that butterflies love. Students were very proud of the garden, and many brought milkweed seeds home to entice more butterfly visits.

4. Secondary students at Aldergrove Community School in BC now connect with nature while they learn in their beautiful outdoor classroom surrounded by indigenous plants and trees.

4. Kindergarten students at Westmount Charter School in Calgary repaired birdhouses and added new ones to make sure local birdlife would have shelter in the winter.

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