5 Times Jane Goodall Showed the World Who’s Boss

Written By: Dani Sarusi, JGI Canada
Category: Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane Goodall is most famous for her extraordinary scientific breakthroughs in animal behaviour. As one of the world’s most prominent and active conservationists Dr. Jane travels the world 300 days a year speaking to sold out audiences, meeting with global leaders and gracing the stage of popular talk shows – providing us with endless amounts of entertainment as she uses her charm and wit to assert her inner alpha.

5. That time Jane Goodall schooled a TMZ reporter who asked if chimps make good pets.

No sir, chimps don’t make good pets.

4. When Jane Goodall told super model Karlie Kloss to take off her heels at the DVF Awards.

Jane Goodall and Karlie Kloss

You’re tall enough, dear.

3. When Jane Goodall told Bill Maher that his comparison of Donald Trump to an orangutan was insulting…to the orangutan.

Jane Goodall and Bill Maher

2. This Twitter shout out.

Enough said.

1. The time when Jane Goodall tried to teach John Oliver how to eat a banana, like a chimp.

Jane Goodall & John Oliver

Good try, John.