The Adventures of Anzac

Written By: Fernando Turmo/JGI Congo
Category: Great Apes

Anzac, one of the most beloved chimps of Tchimpounga, remains a part of group living at the original Tchimpounga sanctuary site. At the moment, there are seven chimpanzees who live alongside Anzac in this group, although very soon they will have a new partner; a baby chimpanzee named George! George arrived from Angola after he was confiscated and it was decided by the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) that Tchimpounga would make the perfect home for him. The caregivers are sure that Anzac’s warm personality will help George feel at home and become integrated into the group. 

Anzac often spends her time at the sanctuary with her best friend, Sam. The two chimpanzees are inseparable and do almost everything together. Because of this, Anzac can become very possessive and jealous whenever Sam plays with Lemba, another chimp in the group, and has been known to start a fight as a result. Anzac and Lemba don’t play anymore, as the two can sometimes get out of hand and become too rough. When caregivers take the group out to nearby forests, Anzac likes to show off like the brave chimp she is. She likes to be the head of the group when setting out into the forest to investigate if there is a danger while leading the others forward. She is the source of a serious amount of laughter for the caretakers as she is a goofball who loves tumbling through the trees, flipping, climbing and throwing herself down on the other chimps. Anzac is also doing all of this with only one arm! Somehow, she avoids major injury and continues to bring joy to her group and the caretakers alike!

In the Republic of Congo, the rainy season has begun, which means fruits like mangoes are plentiful. The Jane Goodall Institute team buys large quantities of this sweet vitamin-rich fruit in neighboring villages, which is a win-win for the chimps and the local surrounding communities. Mango also happens to be Anzac’s favorite fruit! When JGI caretakers enter the facility to feed the chimps, Anzac grabs all the mangoes she can carry with her hands, feet, and even between her armpits! Like the stealthy and mango loving chimp she is, Anzac will then climb onto a wooden platform to hide and protect her delicious loot from the others.

Find out a little more about Anzac in the video below.


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Fernando Turmo/JGI Congo