Buzzworthy Bee Ambassadors of Meadows West School

Written By: Florence McCambridge, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Youth Power

If you happened to bee walking by the Meadows West School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this past June, you may have heard the students inside buzzing with excitement.

As one of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Schools, Meadows West gave students in grades 1, 2, and 3 the opportunity to lead a project that taught them all about bees. During the project, a group of 45 young people contributed more than 70 hours of their time to give two classes the chance to collaborate and share knowledge, questions, and misconceptions about bees. In the beginning, many weren’t aware of the important role bees play in all of our lives. One student said: “I didn’t know they help make food and clothes for us.” And in the end, they were able to reflect on and discuss their changing attitudes.

After attending special presentations from beekeepers, watching educational videos, reading books, and planting a pollinators’ sanctuary, the students became more aware of and concerned about some of the reasons bees are disappearing at such an alarming rate.


Thanks to the efforts of everyone who helped with this project, they now have a better understanding of how bees affect the environment and the people living in it, giving them a better sense of how interconnected our world is. And the best part is that they will continue to serve as bee advocates even though the project is now complete.

In addition to learning about why bees are important and why they are dying, the students also learned about some of the ways they can help, and they felt inspired to incorporate everything they’d learned into their lives outside of school. Whether it was planting a bee garden in their own backyard or putting up handmade signs and posters in their community, the unbeelievable students from Meadows West School are living proof that when knowledge takes flight, anything can happen.

For over 25 years, Roots & Shoots has been helping young people become agents of changes throughout communities all over the world.

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Photo credits: Jennifer Duffy/JGI Canada