Celebrating Healthy Futures for Moms and Babies

Written By: Anna Muir, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: From The Field

No matter where they live in the world, mothers want what’s best for their children—a mom will love, support, and sacrifice for her young so that they can thrive.

Faida, a devoted young mother of three, is no different. But where she lives, near Kirundu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a lack of access to medical care can make becoming a mother risky.

The second time Faida became pregnant, her baby did not survive because she could not get the treatment she needed during delivery. Sadly, this outcome is commonplace across this vulnerable and complex part of the world.

A typical birthing room in rural DRC

For Faida, who is now expecting her fourth child, our new community conservation project called Delivering Healthy Futures is a source of hope. This project aims to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in 20 villages along an important wildlife corridor by creating new maternal health clinics, working with local volunteers on health-based educational programs, and supporting community capacity building among local health officials.

Kirundu is one of the prospective sites for a new maternity clinic — one that will be stocked with equipment and supplies for expecting mothers and new mothers alike. With this support, more patients can receive life-saving treatment.

A new clinic that was built as part of a past project – Better Beginnings, Stronger Families

Like many other women in her village, Faida had back to back pregnancies. Another goal of the project is to share the benefits of family planning with the community – fostering healthier futures for mothers and children while also taking pressure off of local forest resources.

Access to treatment and education is vital, but changing perspectives on the rights of women will build healthy and strong communities for the long-term. The project’s focus on women’s empowerment will help Faida continue to access the care she and her family need, while also building a strong understanding of the interactive relationship among health, sustainable community living, and the integrity of local ecosystems.

This Mother’s Day, as we honour the influential women in our lives, let’s celebrate the incredible change we are affecting together for mothers across the globe! Your support means that women like Faida have the chance to become mothers and enjoy lives of happiness and vitality with their children.

Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada. 

Projet réalisé avec l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada agissant par l’entremise d’Affaires mondiales Canada.

Help us deliver more healthy futures.

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Photo credits: JGI Canada/Sophie Muset