Dr. Jane Hangs with U of T Students on Earth Day - Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Hangs with U of T Students on Earth Day

Written By: Juliana Hayden-Nygren, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Dr. Jane

The University of Toronto’s Roots & Shoots group was thrilled to host Dr. Jane Goodall herself on Earth Day this year. To celebrate the occasion, Jane joined the 12 students to plant a buckeye tree native to Ontario’s Carolinian zone in the Earth Science’s courtyard.

The tree carries a message of hope.  Or rather, it carries many messages. Using biodegradable ribbon, participants wrote notes and attached them to the slim branches. Taking their cues from Dr. Goodall, the students wrote out their reasons to believe we can effect change and protect the natural world.

Reasons to believe is a powerful antidote to very real concerns about the planet and inhabitants.  Everywhere she goes, Dr. Jane offers five powerful reasons to be hopeful for the future. This time, she encouraged each student to come up with their own reasons to be hopeful.

Dr. Jane’s reasons for hope:

  1.  Young people’s potential to create change.
  2. The human brain — while it may be capable of many awful things, it’s also capable of greatness.
  3. The resilience of nature.
  4. The indomitable human spirit.
  5. Social media — it is a powerful tool to spread a message of peace and conservation far and wide.

What are your reasons to be hopeful about the world we share?  Maybe one of your reasons could inspire a project in your community or school!

Jane Goodall believes everyone has the potential to be a leader and help their community and our world.  


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Photo Credit: Nick Tiringer