ECHOage: Chimp Champion of the Month – Evalina

Written By: JGI Canada
Category: Our Champions

This month we are sending pant-hoots to Evalina, our newest Chimp Champion! The pint-sized conservation hero decided to host an ECHOage party because she understands the importance of protecting chimpanzees and their natural habitats. Evalina’s mom says Dr. Jane Goodall is a real life hero and an exemplary role model for Evalina.



Through ECHOage, invitations are sent by email to your guests. When guests respond, they include a donation, half of which goes towards a gift the birthday boy or girl wants and the other half to the designated charity. Find out more about ECHOage and how your child can throw a party for kids, animals and the planet we all share.

We are so proud of our newest — and youngest — Chimp Champions! Just this month, ECHOage parties raised more than $2,000.00 to help JGI Canada protect chimpanzees and their forest home. A big thank you to our small but mighty donors all of whom receive a Chimp Guardian package that includes: a certificate of adoption, a plush chimpanzee and a chimp photo, biography and fact sheet.

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