Gombe 60: Honouring 60 years of Discovery, Innovation & Hope - Jane Goodall

Gombe 60: Honouring 60 years of Discovery, Innovation & Hope

Written By: Hanna Smit, JGI Canada
Category: Great Apes

Happy World Chimpanzee Day! On this very special occasion, we are also honouring the 60th anniversary of Dr. Jane Goodall’s research on wild chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania. Today, six decades later, this study is recognized as Guinness World Records’ longest-running study of wild chimpanzees and one of the longest-running studies of any wild mammal.

The research Dr. Jane Goodall started with the chimpanzees of Gombe continues to bring discoveries, spark innovation and instill hope. Here are a few ways you can join us to honour this amazing milestone and support the future of Gombe and chimpanzees:

Take a Trek Through Gombe

Journey through the forests of Gombe, where Jane began her legacy of scientific discovery. This Google Map introduces you to the creatures that live in Gombe and immerses you into a day in the life of chimpanzees.

Explore Gombe

Become a Gombe Science Hero

The discoveries in Gombe have shaped modern science and our culture – from human and other great ape evolution, to health and ecology – and there’s so much more to learn. With your support as a Gombe Science Hero, you will help ensure this important work continues. It’s time to begin your journey of discovery.

Become a Gombe Science Hero

Learn more about the Scientific Discoveries at Gombe

The work that Dr. Goodall started at Gombe still continues today, and as we mark the 60th year of uninterrupted research at Gombe National Park, JGI would like to share with you just a few of the studies that have emerged from the incredible amount of scholarly work and observation happening in the middle of Gombe’s forests.

Gombe Science Summary

Secure Gombe’s Future

With 60 years of discovery, JGI is proud to honour the revolutionary scientific discoveries, community-centered conservation, trail-blazing legacy, and exciting future of our work in Gombe.

There is no site on earth that has connected as many people to the natural world nor inspired more interest to protect and nurture all life on Earth than Gombe.

Will you help ensure that this essential research continues for generations to come?

Give to Gombe

Test Your Chimp Knowledge

Test your knowledge about chimps! In the animal kingdom, chimpanzees are more like us than any other living creature is. They are endlessly fascinating and we continue to discover more about them through research and observation.

How well do you know chimpanzees?

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Photo credits: Jane Goodall, JGI, Bill Wallauer, Kirsten J. Mosher, Rick Quinn