Happy 83rd Birthday Dr. Jane Goodall

Happy 83rd Birthday Dr. Jane Goodall

Written By: Kari-Lyn Danyluk, JGI Canada Volunteer
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Today we celebrate Dr. Jane’s 83rd birthday! Dr. Jane continues to amaze all of us by working tirelessly toward her vision for harmony between people and the natural world. Maintaining a pace that would be grueling for someone half her age, Dr. Jane travels about 300 days each year, inspiring others to find opportunities to make a positive impact.


At the young age of 26, crouched in the forest with her binoculars observing chimpanzees, Dr. Jane could not have guessed that one day, an international family of conservationists, veterinarians and others would be working in her name in 30 countries; or that her gentle leadership would inspire new generations of environmental and humanitarian leaders through Roots & Shoots in nearly 100 countries.

Although many people think of Dr. Jane as an environmentalist first, her humanitarian accomplishments are equally impressive. The thoughtfulness and sensitivity that allowed her to make astute observations about the emotional lives of chimpanzees carries over into her humanitarian work, built on the interconnectedness of human and animal habitats. Dr. Jane pioneered a patient, long-game approach to conservation that remains at the core of JGI Canada’s work in the field.

Integral to JGI’s conservation strategy are the following values:

1. Build supporting relationships with local communities and governments.

2. Recognize that people cannot address conservation when faced with threats to their own survival.

3. Reduce pressures on chimpanzees and their habitats by implementing programs that alleviate social and economic pressures in rural villages.

Each community has unique challenges, but Dr. Jane’s quiet determination inspires the teams to come up with innovative solutions to tough problems. But sometimes solutions are simple – and you can help! A $25 donation buys 5 mosquito nets that prevent disease; $130 buys a bicycle for medical staff; and $50 buys specialized cooler bags stocked with vaccines and maternal health supplies.

Help make this Dr. Jane's best birthday yet, by giving her gifts that support her vision.

A Gift for Jane
Photo credits top to bottom: Michelle Valberg, JGI U.S, JGI U.S, JGI Canada/Sophie Muset