Kabi Gets a New Home

Written By: Mical Habtemikael, JGI Canada Intern
Category: Great Apes

Meet the Tchimpounga sanctuary’s newest chimpanzee, Kabi! Named after a town near his rescue location, Kabi was discovered by park rangers during a routine patrol.  The rangers had come across an illegal campsite.  The poachers had escaped and in their haste left the wildlife they had caught behind. Many animals were dead except for one small chimp – Kabi. 

Kabi was brought to the sanctuary and given a thorough check up. Other than some intestinal parasites, he was found to be a healthy chimp. 

Because the first five years of a chimp’s life are spent playing, socializing and developing a strong infant-mother bond, it’s always extremely important that the caregivers at Tchimpounga stay with very young chimps around the clock to help them adjust to their new life at the sanctuary and to always be there to comfort and care for them. 

During this time, caregivers teach chimpanzees critical survival skills, essentially mimicking the relationship between chimps and their mothers. 

Over time, Kabi will become ready to socialize with other chimps and will eventually be released into the forest on the big island sites on the sanctuary to live as natural a life as possible. 

Places like Tchimpounga are critical to ending wildlife trafficking. With your help we can implement more effective preventative measures and make sure chimpanzees and other great apes don’t go extinct. We work closely with local communities to improve their conditions and discourage poaching while supporting enforcement of protective laws. 

Please consider becoming a Chimp Guardian by adopting a chimp or a Chimp Champion who helps save chimp habitat.