There’s no denying it – travel can create unforgettable experiences, help us reconnect with nature, and expand our worldview. But even with the all that travel has to offer, there’s one thing we can’t forget when setting out on a new adventure: “Wildlife has a right to a wild life.”

This is the guiding principle of G Adventures’ animal welfare policy, and we couldn’t agree more.

Since 2016, G Adventures has partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada to create 20 wildlife-focused tours that emphasise respect and responsibility for the natural world. Destinations include Tanzania, the Serengeti, the Galapagos Islands and Borneo.

Protecting animals is an everyday commitment for G Adventures. The new animal welfare policy, developed in consultation with World Animal Protection, the Jane Goodall Institute and World Cetacean Alliance, replaces the company’s earlier animal welfare guidelines that were introduced in 2015. It ensures that travelers keep a safe and respectful distance from animals when viewing them in their natural habitats, only allowing the viewing of captive animals if they are housed in acceptable and natural conditions such as at sanctuaries or conservation centres. In doing so, G Adventures’ hope their policy will educate travelers about viewing wildlife responsibly and help them make mindful choices. As Dr. Goodall said, “we have a choice to use the gifts of our lives to make the world a better place.”

Take a look at the full policy here. Happy (& ethical) travels, friends!

Photo Credit: Sebas Rodríguez

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