Rebecca Seward-Langdon is on a mission to shake up the world - Jane Goodall

Rebecca Seward-Langdon is on a mission to shake up the world

Written By: Nicola Shaw, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Youth Power

Carleton University student, Rebecca Seward-Langdon, is off to the annual Roots & Shoots Global Meeting this summer to represent JGI Canada! Held at Windsor Castle, the week-long gathering is an opportunity for young people from around the world to share their commitment to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Rebecca has much to offer the group as she started her own Roots & Shoots initiatives at university. While on a trip to Tanzania when she was 18, Rebecca met like-minded young people taking on forest conservation and a range of projects to improve the living conditions of the surrounding communities.

Inspired by her experience, Rebecca recruited students when she returned to Ottawa to join her in tackling environmental concerns on campus.  Their first undertaking was a “Beeswax Bonanza.” Students learned how to make beeswax paper, a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap.

Buoyed by the success of the first project, and deeply concerned about the crisis caused by the volume of plastic in the environment, Rebecca led a “Beat Plastic Pollution” campaign through which the group offered free eco-friendly products to replace single-use plastic bags and straws.

“I wanted to encourage students to become actively involved in developing a sustainable future, and to motivate them to care for the environment and all living things,” Rebecca explains.

The momentum is strong. Rebecca’s group has since initiated park clean-ups and helped create green spaces on campus.

Members of Carleton University’s Roots & Shoots group on a campus cleanup project.


With each new project, Rebecca has found that she has acquired new skills. “Roots & Shoots serves as a platform to implement community initiatives. Participating in the program gave me opportunities to develop leadership skills. Through Roots & Shoots, we can build a global community of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference.”

Needless to say, Rebecca is looking forward to attending the Global Roots & Shoots Leadership meeting in July where she will join other young leaders to brainstorm ways to create a better world.

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