Strong Women, Healthy Forests

Written By: Dani Sarusi
Category: From The Field

In the  Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where our Delivering Healthy Futures project is currently underway, women have an especially close relationship with the environment as the well-being of their families depend on forest resources like firewood, medicine, and food. Because of this, women possess a deep and nuanced understanding of the forest, which helps inform and guide our community conservation initiatives.

But it doesn’t end there. Not only do our conservation projects draw attention to women’s issues, they also help improve women’s daily lives by providing greater access to education and health care.

When women become involved in conservation initiatives, they become leaders in their communities.


Providing young women with access to education is one of the best ways to ensure future generations realize their potential as equal members in society.


Addressing issues like access to healthcare and family planning encourages smaller, healthier families, reducing pressure on the ecosystem.


When women thrive, communities thrive – and when communities are healthy, so is habitat and wildlife.

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On International Women’s Day, we honour and thank all the women who are taking the lead in their communities to build an equitable world where people live in harmony with nature.

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