The Rumble of a Youthquake

Written By: Juliana Hayden-Nygren, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Youth Power

Think a small action will only have a small impact? Think again.

With every step you take to protect our environment and the beings we share it with, you are personally adding more strength and speed to a powerful force that can shake up this world like nothing else can.  What is this force? It’s called Youthquake.  And you’re making it happen.

What is a youthquake?

Youthquake is such a phenomenon that the Oxford Dictionary named it Word of the Year 2017.  In essence, youthquake can be defined as a movement by young people that has the effect of changing how many in the world think, act and live.

It’s not actually a new word or a new concept.  Jane has long known that young people have amazing energy, ideas, and motivation to end practices that are destroying their environment locally, and globally.

The word ‘youthquake’ dates all the way back to 1965.  That’s when Vogue’s editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland came up with the term to describe how young people were shaking up the world of fashion, music and pop culture.  So imagine what the young people today are doing to shake up the planet.

How is Roots & Shoots making a Youthquake ?

All of our Roots & Shoots participants across Canada are making a Youthquake by coming up with new exciting projects and initiatives.

JGI Canada helped fund our A.P.E.  Fund participants start their own Youthquakes by funding projects all over Canada.

This past No Waste November, more than 2,000 people pledges their commitment to adapting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Twelve high schools in the Greater Toronto Area are collecting and recycling cell phones through the #Cycle My Cell campaign. Doing so helps protect great apes by reducing mining in great ape habitat for the minerals found in your phone.

The Global Roots & Shoots conference at Windsor Castle hosts young Roots & Shoots leaders from all over the world to brainstorm and collaborate on change-making strategies in their communities and  on a global scale.

How to make the rumble of a Youthquake louder ?

As we said, your one action really does have an extraordinary force. There’s simply no force stronger than a youthquake, powered by millions of young people determined every day, to make the world safer and kinder for people, animals, and the environment.

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