Volunteer Spotlight: Brittney Helm

Written By: Florence McCambridge, JGI Canada Volunteer
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University of Toronto student, Brittney Helm is ready for anything when she comes into JGI Canada’s office. From preparing packages of toy chimps for donors to making presentations to schools highlighting JGI campaigns, every day is different and busy for one of our most committed volunteers.

Enrolled in U of T’s International Development program, Brittney became inspired by Dr. Jane at a young age after watching a video clip of Jane’s famous work at Gombe and her ground-breaking research.

“Ever since then, I was astonished by Dr. Goodall’s work and resilience. I loved seeing a woman in the headlines for her contributions to science. I was interested in science as well, and it made the possibility of me pursuing science more tangible.”

Brittney put inspiration into action. After attending a presentation on campus by JGI Canada staff, she jumped at the opportunity to be a volunteer. “The exciting part of volunteering for this institute is that there is always something new to do, and they are not afraid to use your skills for big projects!”

Being a volunteer has helped Brittney improve important skills such as public speaking and event planning. But most of all, being a volunteer has become a strong source of motivation.

“I think the biggest thing that has affected me is seeing how many people at the Jane Goodall Institute are taking action and helping the cause. It has given me more hope for the future and a greater respect for humans and how they come together to make change.”

Regardless of what the future holds, Brittney will always be an important member of the JGI family.

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Ophir Sarusi/JGI Canada