Volunteer Spotlight: Sabrina Lau

Written By: Morgana Diamantopolous, JGI Canada Volunteer
Category: Our Champions

Sabrina Lau, a fourth year student at the University of Toronto, is our first Roots & Shoots post-secondary chapter leader! Sabrina has been an active volunteer with JGI Canada for two years and her passion and commitment to JGI’s mandate to make a positive difference in the world shines through in everything she does.

Not only has Sabrina helped organize Roots & Shoots on U of T’s downtown campus, she plays an advisory role to support the launch of groups at other universities and colleges across Canada.

The Roots & Shoots program has also allowed Sabrina to take her work global. JGI Canada selected her as the Canadian delegate to attend a conference of Roots & Shoots youth representatives from around the world at Windsor Castle with Dr. Jane Goodall in attendance. While there, Sabrina and her group developed the No Waste November campaign, which asks people to pledge to cut out one wasteful habit for the month of November. No Waste November received more than 2,000 pledges!

Recently, JGI Canada nominated Sabrina for the Ontario Council for International Cooperation’s Global Changemaker Ambassador award. We were delighted to hear that she was one of the winners! Sabrina recorded a podcast with OCIC and received her award during International Development Week along with four other remarkable young people who are also working to improve their communities.

Sabrina will graduate from the University of Toronto this year and plans to continue to use the memories, lessons and skills acquired through her time working with JGI.  When asked where she sees herself next, Sabrina quotes the mission of Dr. Jane herself. “I want to inspire individual action by young people of all ages to help animals, other people and to protect the world we all share.”

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Photo Credits: Caitlin Russell/JGI Canada, Jen Duffy/JGI Canada.