The #CycleMyCell Student Challenge is a friendly mobile phone recycling competition. The next campaign will be between Winnipeg Area High Schools. The goal? Learn about sustainable consumer choices, reduce the amount of e-waste in our landfills, recycle the precious minerals inside old phones, lower carbon emissions AND protect the Congo basin where those minerals are being mined and where Great Apes live.

JGI provides campaign resources and support to a champion educator who delivers the content to students in the form of videos, activities, guided curriculum and discussions. Students are then encouraged to organize cell phone collection in their communities. Schools can win prize money for their participation!

Why Recycle Your Mobile Phone?

Great Apes
Recycling mobile phones prevents toxic materials from polluting the soil and ensures metals, plastic and glass are reused.
Many of the rare earth metals used to make cell phones are extracted from the forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to Great Apes and other endangered species.
High demand for the minerals contained in cell phones perpetuates dangerous mining operations which fund the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Protecting the forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo is not just essential to people and animals, but is critical to curbing climate change.

Are you a part of #CycleMyCell this year?

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