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What is Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots?

Roots & Shoots is a 4-step sustainability education program that allows students to map their community for sustainability issues, find an issue they care about and then take action to solve it or bring awareness to it!

Roots & Shoots is an effective resource for educators, with teachers acting as facilitators, leading their students through the process. By mapping their own community, youth are able to connect directly to issues that are affecting people, animals and the environment while building critical skills such as math and literacy. Curriculum-based resources created by the Roots & Shoots program support student-centred learning that can be tailored to different grades and subjects.

Support is available to Roots & Shoots groups through a yearly grant opportunity, the A.P.E Fund, where groups can apply to receive up to $1000 to fund their community action projects. Teacher training, online toolkits and resources are also available for teachers to facilitate a Roots & Shoots project in their school.

Roots & Shoots In The Community

Educators who sign up to implement Roots & Shoots in their community receive support from JGI staff on how to use the remarkable story of Dr. Jane Goodall and our community conservation work in Africa to guide students in making a difference in their own communities and globally. You will also receive an educator toolkit and opportunities to receive Roots & Shoots grants.

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