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 While our Roots & Shoots program is often implemented in individual classrooms, it doesn’t have to stop there. Our program can be incorporated throughout an entire school benefiting students in multiple grades. Our whole school approach amplifies the impact of individual teachers by unifying the entire school around common goals and initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable community.

Schools that implement the Roots & Shoots program receive

Professional learning workshops led by JGI Canada staff

Ongoing support from JGI Canada staff

Curriculum-tied educator resources

Access to project grants up to $500

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See what educators are saying about Roots & Shoots

Theresa, Kindergarten teacher | Westmount Charter School

“This program fit very well into the Early Childhood program of studies. I could make curriculum connections to all subjects using our project which made it very meaningful. I think the program empowers the students and shows how they can make a difference right here at home. It was exciting that the entire school was following a similar program format.”

Kiren, Grade 1 teacher | Westmount Charter School

“The students truly began to recognize the interconnected nature between people, animals and the environment. It was unbelievable to witness the rich learning that was taking place right in front of us and how engaged the students were. The way the kids in grade one spoke about peace and bringing it into the school was so inspirational.”

Michelle, Grade 2 Teacher | Westmount Charter school

“Perhaps the most important learning that came out of this project was the shift in my students’ attitudes of the impact that they can have on the world. When we first learned about the owls and their plight, many of my students were discouraged and very upset that the owls had become an “at risk” species. Over the course of the unit and as a result of their actions my students gained an immense sense of empowerment! They learned that even a grade two student can have a tremendous impact on their world and the humans and animals that live within it.”