In an episode of JANE, the Apple TV+ show inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane Garcia, the determined environmentalist takes on a new mission to protect the majestic caribou.  Accompanied by her trusted best friends, they set out on an epic adventure to safeguard these iconic North American animals.

Get ready to discover more about the intriguing world of caribou, members of the deer family, as they roam across the vast landscapes of Canada, from the Yukon to Newfoundland & Labrador! In this activity-based resource guide, you’ll delve into the fascinating life of these magnificent creatures. Learn about their unique adaptations to survive in harsh environments, and their impressive migration patterns as they travel long distances in search of food and habitats.

Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, can they be saved.

– Dr. Jane Goodall

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