Given all the damage we’re doing to our planet as a species, helping our planet as individuals can feel overwhelming.

But as our founder Dr. Jane Goodall tells us, we all make a difference every single day, whether we know it or not. And we have to decide what kind of difference we’re going to make.

So the 8×8 Challenge, in honour of Dr. Goodall’s 88th birthday, helps us all integrate positive change-making into our everyday lives. Commit to 8 small actions a week for 8 weeks, and watch as they add up to an enormous amount of good. If we all did it…imagine the world we could build. 

How to Commit to the Challenge:

  1. Text us at X with the message 8x8CHALLENGE. Or message us 8x8CHALLENGE on Facebook Messenger or through Instagram DMs.
  2. You’ll be sent your first week of actions.
  3. Once you’ve completed them, we’ll message you with a thank you gift, and you’ll receive your next set of actions on Sunday.
  4. Wash, rinse, repeat for 8 weeks.
  5. *Don’t worry – our chatbot walks you through the whole process so all you have to do is take action!

Join us. And turn hope into action.

Help us get to 88,000 actions!

If 1,3000 people commit to the Challenge, we’ll reach 88,000 actions taken for animals, people, and the environment. And Jane’s birthday wish will come true. Join us today.

Choose Your Platform

Facebook Messenger

Head to Facebook Messenger and send The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada a message that says 8x8CHALLENGE. We’ll take it from there!

Instagram DMs

Head to Instagram and DM The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada a message that says 8x8CHALLENGE. We’ll take it from there!

SMS Text Messages

Text The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada at X with a message that says 8x8CHALLENGE. We’ll take it from there!

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News & Updates

Dr. Jane

Dr. Goodall’s Message for World Oceans Day 2022

For World Oceans Day 2022, Jane shares her wonderful knowledge about oceans with us, and inspires us to look around for the good news stories and wonder – of which there is plenty. Thank you, Dr. Goodall! For more messages from Jane, visit our Youtube page.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Jane Goodall Act

Currently working its way through the Senate to (hopefully!) be passed as law, the Jane Goodall Act is a landmark piece of Canadian legislation that would create some of the strongest protections for animals in captivity in the world. Here’s everything you need to know: Originally introduced by Senator Murray Sinclair in 2020, the proposed […]

News and Updates

Announcing Bella Lam as Our New CEO

The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada announced today that Bella Lam has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer.  “The Board is thrilled that Bella will be stepping into this new role,” says Corinne Caldwell, Board Chair for JGI Canada. “She has shown herself time and time again to be absolutely committed to the […]