Yes. We need to hold businesses and governments accountable to making big changes for our planet. After all, their footprints are much bigger than ours.

But change can start with us. In fact, it must. 

If we all make small changes to live a bit more sustainably, that adds up to one impressive footprint. So let’s begin. 

Don’t forget to check out your impact stats from this week’s actions!

Your Actions

Discard One Item Sustainably

Pick an item you’re going to get rid of. Use a search engine to find out how you can dispose of it sustainably – and commit to doing it! Think about items that you can’t just put in a blue bin, like beauty products, electronics, old clothing or old furniture. Bonus points: use the Ecosia search engine and plant a tree while you’re at it.

Turn the Tap Off

Water leaks can cause up to 10,000 gallons of water to be wasted in a single home during the course of the year – imagine how much is wasted from leaving the tap running! Turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth this week.

Search “Zero-Waste Stores Near Me”

Refilleries and zero-waste stores are starting to pop up in more locations across Canada. Discover what’s nearby. You don’t need to go there (and might not be able to!), but learn about what they offer and whether they can be a resource or inspiration for more sustainable choices. Bonus points: use the Ecosia search engine and plant a tree while you search.

Read the Label

The next time you go grocery shopping (or just to the corner store), read the label to find out where your food is coming from. Try to choose products that don’t have to travel as far. If you’re not the shopper in your house, chat with whoever is and see if they’d do a little label-reading on your behalf.

Place Your Bags in Reach

We’ve all been there – you’re at the checkout when you realize you forgot your reusable bag at home. Take a moment to store your reusable grocery bags where you won’t forget them.

Upcycle One Item

Choose an item in your home to upcycle. You don’t have to upcycle it this week, but put it aside, make a plan for it (Pinterest helps) and add it to your to-do list for a rainy Sunday. The Farmer’s Almanac has some fun ideas.

Pick a Paperless Option

Add one new paperless option to your life. Ideas? Log in to your online banking or wireless provider and choose the paperless option. Choose the digital subscription for your newspaper or magazine. Or put a “no junk” sign on your mailbox. (Hey, if you’re already 100% paperless, check this off the list and go take a nap!)

Send Us the Send us the 🌱 Emoji

Send us the 🌱 emoji once you’ve completed all of your actions for this week! We’ll send you your thank you gift with haste.

Your Impact

What you’ve accomplished this week!

Plastic Bags

plastic bags saved by the average person a year – if they choose a reusable option regularly.


trees used by the average person a year in paper. Each paperless option you choose reduces that number!


of C02 generated every year by one person’s daily newspaper. (That digital subscription is looking good now, eh?)

12 Cheap and Easy Tricks for Reducing Your Waste

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