Our first week is all about you.

You can’t help anyone or anything if you’re not taking care of yourself first. Tending to your internal life is so important before you can focus your energy outward!

Oxygen mask rules are in full effect. Secure your own before helping others. 

Don’t forget to check out your impact stats from this week’s actions!

Your Actions

Commit to the #8x8Challenge

If you’re reading this, you’ve already committed. Check one off the list!

Write Down Your “Why”

Understanding your motivation for doing something is the greatest way to maintain inspiration. Grab a pen and jot down why this challenge matters to you.

Watch the “Make a Difference” Video

This is the ultimate dose of inspiration. Watch it here.

Send a Message of Support

Send a message to a climate activist or individual in your life that inspires you. This could be an activist on social media that you follow, but it could also be someone in your life whose actions have inspired you. It’s so important to feel connected to a wider movement, and letting people know you are inspired by them is a great way to keep everyone motivated. Check out our suggestions to get started.

Consume “Good News”

Google “good news climate stories” to build up hope and resilience. Seeking positive stories helps build up our resilience to do the work that is required. Here are some examples.

Get Outside

Go outside for a combined 2 hours this week. Studies show that living close to nature and spending time outside has significant and wide ranging health benefits.

Eat a Meatless Meal

If we all reduced our meat consumption by only 40%, we’d be in position to hit our climate targets. Here are some suggestions for meatless meals.

Send Us the Send us the 🎉 Emoji

Send us the 🎉 emoji once you’ve completed all of your actions for this week. Let us know when you’ve completed week one, and we’ll send you a thank you perk!

Make a Difference Video

The inspirational message we all deserve.

Support Materials

29 Best Vegetarian Recipes

Food blog COOKIE + kate put together this great list of 29 of their favourite vegetarian recipes. Some of our favourites include:

Good News Stories

Build your reserves of hope and resilience with some good news stories about our planet.

*Photo by Michelle Valberg

Advocates on Social Media

Check out these environmental and animal rights advocates on social media, and consider sending them a message of appreciation for Action #4!

Your Impact

What you’ve accomplished this week!

Go Outside

hours outside a week reduces depression, anxiety and health risks such as high blood pressure.

Good News

studied participants were found to be more motivated to make a difference when they read good news.

Eat Meat Less

gallons of water saved if you swapped half a pound of beef for a veggie option.