The wild needs you.

This pledge commits you to flagging harmful animal content on social media, and only liking and sharing images that protect and honour animals of all species. Join us in our fight to keep wildlife #ForeverWild.

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Champions and Partners

The Jane Goodall Act Has Been Reintroduced in the Senate

For decades, stories of animals in captivity have forced us to question how we can do better. Stories like that of Kiska, Marineland’s lone Orca – called the loneliest Orca in the world – are just one of the many examples of what inhumane captivity looks like. But thanks to the action of Canadian legislators, […]

Illegal Wildlife Trade

What We Must Do To End Wildlife Crime

Our world is feeling the full brunt of a pandemic that most likely had its origins in wildlife. Viruses can spill over from wild animals to humans in any country and wildlife crime is a scourge affecting every continent. We need to rethink how we trade, market, and consume wildlife, be it legal, illegal, regulated, […]