Ready to unleash a big impact with a tiny tweak? Well you’ve landed in the perfect spot! No Waste November is a worldwide initiative started by young Roots & Shoots leaders from Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, England, and New Zealand back in 2017. These leaders spent a week with Dr. Jane Goodall at Windsor Castle in England, collaborating with other Roots & Shoots representatives and together developed the No Waste November challenge.

Their goal has become a global movement, inspiring young people worldwide to make small commitments in reducing or eliminating waste in their everyday lives.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Step 1: Take the pledge
Need some inspiration for your No Waste November pledge? How about saying no to plastic straws, or carrying your groceries home in reusable bags. You can also eliminate plastic bags and cutlery from your lunch, and sip your coffee or water out KeepCups and reusable water bottles.

Step 2: Motivate others
Hold yourself accountable by taking a picture or make a video and posting it online, tagging @JaneGoodallCan, and/or using the hashtag #NoWasteNovember to inspire others!

Step 3: Keep it up
Keep focused on keeping up this great work for the rest of the November … and hopefully beyond! To help stay motivated follow along on socials as we share out helpful facts, trips and tricks all month.

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No Waste November – The Challenge

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