Holiday Gift Ideas





In the Democratic Republic of Congo we are building maternal health clinics, installing clean water sources, supporting a vaccination program, and providing bikes to healthcare workers so they can reach people living in the most remote areas. In this part of the world, a bike is more than two wheels. It is a healthy future. Click here to purchase a bike for a healthcare worker.

Our Tchimpounga sanctuary in the Republic of Congo is home to more than 130 orphaned chimpanzees, all rescued from illegal hunting and trafficking. The most basic need for these chimpanzees is food – an adult chimp eats as much as 250lbs of fruits and veggies a month! Bananas are a big favourite. 100 lbs of bananas will make a chimp very happy! Click here to buy bananas for Tchimpounga.

A.P.E. heroes are super heroes! They are everywhere at once. An A.P.E. Hero gift to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada is directed to where the need is greatest. From caring for rescued chimpanzees at Tchimpounga sanctuary to community-centred conservation to supporting young Canadians in becoming leaders in community change, you contribute to making the world a better place. Click here for APE Hero