Holiday Gift Guide - Jane Goodall

Holiday Gift Guide

When you choose a gift from our holiday gift guide, you are turning hope into action for our precious planet and all the species that call it home. These gifts save endangered chimps and support community-centred conservation in some of the planet’s most important habitats.

Now more than ever our planet needs us. Make this holiday season count by sending a gift that connects your friends and family to each other and the environment.


Give the gift of a safe haven for rescued chimpanzees with a symbolic adoption for the animal lover on your list.
Now with a new digital gift option!

Please order as early as possible to avoid delays or choose a digital package which you’ll receive right away (does not include plush).


This holiday season, start a fundraiser that empowers people to protect the planet.
The perfect gift for Mother Earth.


Give hope for the planet this holiday season with a one-time or monthly donation that supports
wildlife protection and community conservation. Real action is needed now more than ever before.

With your gift today, you will support:

• Programs in the Republic of Congo and Senegal that build strong relationships with communities to protect critical habitat for endangered wildlife

• Care and feeding for over 130 rescued chimpanzees in the Republic of Congo who call the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary home

• Initiatives in Canada that empower young people to be the next generation of climate leaders and that raise awareness about the plight of chimpanzees and the illegal wildlife trade

Photo credits: Fernando Turmo / JGI