Leave a Legacy - Jane Goodall

"What you leave behind determines what lies ahead." ~ Jane Goodall

It’s been almost 60 years since Jane stepped out of a game warden’s boat onto a pebbly beach at what was then the Gombe Stream Game Reserve in Tanzania to begin her life’s work. As a young woman taking that first step into the unknown, Jane’s legacy began in that moment, transforming her first into the woman who redefined man and next into an environmental activist.

By leaving a gift in your Will, you are taking that first step through your legacy — because of you there is hope for the future. You will help safeguard the future of chimpanzees living in the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga sanctuary, help fund habitat conservation and the fight against illegal hunting and trafficking of chimpanzees, and support community-based conservation that improves the lives of local people while saving wildlife.

In Canada, your gift will support young people – the next generation of thought leaders – through the Roots & Shoots program. You will ensure that Jane’s legacy of protecting animals and the environment lives on — long after Jane, and all of us, are gone. It’s imperative that we all take steps now to help secure a future of abundance for the generations to come. We share this planet with remarkable creatures and the wonder of nature should be preserved for our descendants to enjoy as we have. Inspired by Jane’s message it is more crucial than ever to remember that what you leave behind determines what lies ahead.

To speak with us about your legacy plans, please contact: Lianne Black Director, Development the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada Direct (416) 978-4799 lianne@janegoodall.ca

Legacy Brochure
Letter of Intent

John Harrison

“I have three nieces, and the best thing I can do with my financial resources is to try to make the world a better place for them. I am leading by example: teaching them to give back by doing that myself through my legacy gift.”

Carol Mair

“I have a daughter, and she knows about my intention to leave JGI Canada in my Will. If anyone asked me why I decided to make a bequest in my Will I’d tell them, “It’s what is right, it’s what feels good, and if you’ve got the reserves to help, especially in today’s environment, you should.”


How to Make a Gift in Your Will

Our legal name, and the proper beneficiary for your gift: The Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation

Our mailing address is: the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada c/o University of Toronto Mailroom 563 Spadina Crescent Toronto, ON  M5S 2J7

Our Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Business Number: 14053 0916 RR0001


We know that deciding to leave a gift in your Will is a big decision — we appreciate that you’ll want to take time to think about it. If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We encourage you to consult with a lawyer and/or financial adviser to determine which options are best for you and your family, and to maximize the tax advantages of your gift.

Ways of Giving

Bequests A gift by Will, known as a bequest, provides you with the opportunity to support the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met. Funds are usually bequeathed as a residual amount (a share or percentage of your estate) or a specific dollar amount. The process of leaving a gift to JGI Canada in your Will simply requires adding a phrase about your intention. The benefits of making a bequest: + It allows you to make a larger gift than you would have been able to make during your lifetime. + Your gift can reduce or eliminate the taxes owed by your estate. + A bequest is revocable and can be modified if your circumstances change.

Life Insurance You can designate the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada as the owner or beneficiary of your life insurance policy. The process of leaving a gift of life insurance can be made by simply contacting your life insurance company and completing the appropriate designation form. The benefits of a gift of life insurance: + Smaller current cash investment leveraged into a larger future gift. + Your gift will not be reduced due to taxes, fees, cost of probate or administration. + Charitable tax receipt for you during your lifetime or for your estate depending on the life insurance option you choose.

Other Gifting Options Legacy gifts are an expression of what you care about most and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada is here to help ensure your wishes are met . While we cannot offer financial or legal advice, and strongly suggest you get professional advice on all matters relating to your estate plans, we will do everything we can to assist you. There are many ways to leave a legacy gift to the Jane Goodall Institute of  Canada. No matter your circumstances, there are gift options for you to discuss with your professional advisers. Options include: making a bequest in your Will, gifts of life insurance, registered retirement funds (RRSPs, RIFs), gifts of residual interest, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, and gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds). All legacy gifts — whatever their size — are important and valued. Your Privacy If you have already arranged a gift in your Will for the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada you are not under any obligation to tell us, but we would love to acknowledge your generosity through our Legacy Troop and in our Annual Report. Your actions may inspire others to do the same. The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada is committed to protecting the privacy of its donors and their personal information. If you would like to remain anonymous, we will respect your privacy.

The easiest way to communicate your wishes and to ensure your gift is used as you have specified is to complete and return a Letter of Intent to JGI Canada.