Your energy is an asset.

Community fundraisers are one of the most powerful ways to make a difference with the Jane Goodall Institute. Not only do they raise much-needed funds, they also inspire others and bring your community closer together.

What can you do? It can be as simple as asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts, or a full-on physical challenge that puts the FUN in fundraising. You choose the event. We provide the tools.

What do you get? Your own digital fundraising platform to easily rally support from friends and family, and a special thank you gift and video message from our team.

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Celebrate Your Birthday

It’s your party and you can fundraise if you want to! Hold a birthday fundraiser in lieu of gifts. It’s much more sustainable than those socks your aunt was going to give you.

Mark a Special Occasion

There are so many reasons to celebrate – whether it’s your wedding, bat mitzvah, or you just adopted a kitten. Host a fundraiser in honour of your celebration so your friends and family can celebrate you by supporting Mother Earth.

Honour a Loved One

Honour the life and legacy of your loved one by hosting a fundraiser that pays tribute to the wonderful impact they had on this world.

Challenge Yourself

People love to support a challenge. Pick something meaningful to you, and push the limits of what you can achieve (hint: you can achieve anything).

7 Tips to Host a Successful Fundraiser

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Champions and Partners

Go Wild with G Adventures Sustainable Travel!

Travel opens our eyes to the beauty of our world—the vibrant diversity of cultures, people and animals, majestic landscapes and breathtaking adventures. It’s no wonder tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Unfortunately, some popular tourist activities—like using animals for rides, feedings or props for photos—can be seriously harmful for local wildlife and […]

Champions and Partners

Why Hope Matters: A New Book By Elin Kelsey

Why changing the way we think is critical to solving the environmental crisis. Jane Goodall has dedicated her life to inspiring hope. Her reason? Hope leads to action, which leads to meaningful change. And it’s starting a movement – hope is showing up everywhere you turn. From Jane’s own Book of Hope to the book […]

Champions and Partners

Eden Babbitt: Cycling for Change

It was a spring day in 2019, inside a packed concert hall alongside thousands of passionate conservationists, where 13-year-old Eden listened to the legendary Jane Goodall share her life story and her messages of hope through action. This event would change the course of Eden’s life, setting her on a mission to protect the environment, […]