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Fundraise with us.
For the environment, for home.

The climate crisis is here. But you can be part of the solution. Starting a fundraiser for JGI puts you at the forefront of meaningful change by raising critical funds for conservation solutions. Turn your passion into action – for the environment and all the species that call it home.

The funds you raise will go directly towards:
• Programs in the Republic of Congo and Senegal that build strong relationships with communities to protect critical habitat
• Care and feeding for over 130 rescued chimpanzees at Tchimpounga Sanctuary in the Republic of Congo
• Initiatives in Canada that empower young conservation leaders, and raise awareness about the plight of chimpanzees and the illegal wildlife trade

Get Started

Start a fundraiser to celebrate your birthday, honour a loved one, or mark an exciting life event. Whatever you chose, you’re empowering people to protect our shared planet.

8 Tips to Host a Successful Fundraiser!

Personalization is key: Include a paragraph telling friends and family why supporting this work is meaningful to you.
Be unforgettable: Make your fundraiser stand out with a fun cover photo.
Choose a goal: Aim for something you think is achievable, and shoot even a bit higher!
Host an event: To add a little spice to your fundraiser, like a bike ride across your city, province, or Canada!
Get them excited: Invite your friends and family to your fundraising page through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Spread the news: Send the fundraising link to your friends and family to personalize your invite list.
Give them a deadline: Use a countdown to remind your friends and family of the urgency.
Show your support: Donate if you can, so you can say: “I donated. Will you join me?”

Need Inspiration? Meet Eden!


 “Jane isn’t telling us that there is a problem. Instead, she’s telling us that we need to be the solution.”

This message from her hero, sparked Eden’s cycling fundraiser where she rode almost 200KM and raised over $5,000 for the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, all while building awareness about sustainable transportation.