International Aboriginal Youth Internships (IAYI) offers Indigenous youth in Canada the opportunity to work in international development.

In partnership with Global Affairs Canada, the IAYI project provides Indigenous youth from Canada with internship opportunities in Uganda. Interns help promote the connection between people, animals, and the environment. They work on environmental education, gender equality and sustainability issues. And they help inspire local young people to think and act sustainably.

After the internship, participants receive  job search training, and we connect them to a network of organizations and individuals that can help them build the world they believe in.



of Indigenous youth interns reported that they are empowered and confident to participate as global citizens in Canada and abroad, including within their communities.


of Indigenous youth interns confirmed supporting and contributing to the development of their communities in Canada following the internship.


of Indigenous youth interns were trained on conservation, community development and environmental education, gender equality and sustainable development goals.

[Young people] are actually changing the world and making it better for people, for animals, and for the environment.

Dr. Jane Goodall

Applying for IAYI

Applications for IAYI are now permanently closed. Check out our other youth programs like Uncovering Common Ground and Roots & Shoots, or keep in touch via our newsletter (sign up here!) and on social media (@janegoodallcan).

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Invest in Opportunities for Youth

Donations to JGI Canada keep programs like IAYI running. Empower young people to contribute to international development work, for the good of us all.

IAYI is funded in partnership with the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada.