This three-year project supports local organizations to gather Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people from across Canada to address barriers to reconciliation and decolonization, and implement inclusive solutions for animals, people, and the environment.

With guidance from Elders, JGI staff, and other mentors, UCG participants share and develop ideas to steward their communities. The goal is to make them more socially just, culturally aware, and environmentally sustainable. 

Each participant undertakes a project of relevance to their community. They practice community leadership, critical and analytical thinking, resource and project management, and team building.

The Uncovering Common Ground project will culminate in a national youth-led forum where participants will share learnings, project outcomes, and recommendations for further action.


mutual understanding of reconciliation and decolonization.


greater civic engagement to address social and sustainability issues.


hard and soft skills through participation in service opportunities.

Featured Download Read “The Most Significant Change” Report

Storytelling is an important part of Indigenous culture, and has been important to Uncovering Common Ground. So we asked the 2019-2020 participants: “What was the most significant change you have experienced as a result of your participation in this initiative”? This report tells those stories.

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