We pride ourselves on being an impact-focused charity. It something doesn’t make a real impact, then it has no place in our programs and campaigns. 

This work gets harder as the crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental inequity move faster, and become scarier. So we’ve doubled our efforts to scale conservation with the rate destruction. 

But we never do this work alone. These impact numbers and stories are made possible by our incredible on-the-ground partners, and supporters just like you.

By the Numbers


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals supported by our programs.


community members engaged through Roots and Shoots projects in Canada.


chimpanzees cared for at our sanctuary in the Republic of Congo.


community members impacted by our Africa programs.

Impact Reports


It was a difficult year, but with “our village” of support, we managed to move mountains. Here’s a summary of our impact in challenging times.


A look back at the years in which our momentum took hold, and thousands of lives were changed in Canada and Africa.

Real Life Impact: Zeze’s Story

Zeze suffered a wound to his right eye before he was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade by Angolan authorities. After he arrived JGI’s Tchimpounga sanctuary in Republic of the Congo, he received 24-hour care. Zeze began to heal and adapt to his new home, and soon he was able to socialize with other chimpanzees. Given a second chance at life, Zeze now lives happily at the Tchimpounga Sanctuary.

Impact Stories from the Field

Youth Voices

Following Jane on the Journey of a Lifetime

“Without Jane, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Not only was she the inspiration, but also the conduit of my success.“ Each morning, Izzy Hirji looks out on an expanse of greenery dappled in sunlight. Butterflies float on a warm breeze and just beyond the rolling hills is a family of chimpanzees that he […]

From The Field

Your Tchimpounga Sanctuary Questions, Answered!

You may have heard of Dr. Rebeca Atencia. She is a fearless ledaer, head veterinarian of the Tchimpounga sanctuary and director of JGI Congo. The Tchimpounga sanctuary is an amazing place. Join in as she shares her thoughts on working with the rescued chimpanzees who call Tchimpounga home. How and when did you become interested […]

From The Field

How Collaborative Conservation Drives Change

It’s getting hot in here. Key scientific evidence recognizes with 85-100% certainty that human influence has been the dominant cause of observed warming since the mid-20th century. With climate change being such a hot topic (literally) on everyone’s minds, common frameworks such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by United Nations member states […]