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Fees for speaking engagements will be negotiated dependent on the capacity of the requestor, however honourariums are also accepted and appreciated. Fees for speaking engagements outside of the Greater Toronto Area will include travel expenses.

David Smith

David is the CEO of JGI Canada. He previously held executive positions in the corporate sector in sustainability, consumer marketing, and general management. As VP of Sustainability for Sobeys, David was on global sustainability steering committees with Fortune 100 retailers and product manufacturers, dealing with global supply chain issues in tropical deforestation/ palm oil, biodiversity loss, climate change, animal welfare, human health, and more. A sought-after speaker, David inspires audiences with the big picture “case for change”, with pragmatic collaborative solutions, real case studies from the JGI’s global work and from his prior experiences.

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Bella Lam

Bella is the Director of Programs at JGI Canada. She oversees our community conservation projects in Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Uganda as well as our Roots & Shoots youth program. Armed with a Masters in Environment and Development, Bella has extensive expertise working in fragile states, and is a passionate advocate for collaborative approaches to building local capacity and gender equity. Her knowledge of the field extends to a range of areas including landscape conservation, health, water and sanitation, and economic empowerment.
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Charlotte Burke

Charlotte is the Manager of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada’s Roots & Shoots program. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biodiversity as well as a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management, which has led her to several unique opportunities to work on program development and public engagement with influential not-for-profit organizations across Canada. As an impact-driven environmental professional, Charlotte is thrilled to lead JGI’s flagship program and empower Canadians to be champions of change in their communities.

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Lauren Saville (on leave)

Lauren is the Manager of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program (currently on leave). She holds degrees in Evolutionary Anthropology and Animal Behaviour and conducted field research in wildlife ecology in Tanzania. Lauren applies her fascination with wildlife to her work teaching and facilitating educational programs for young people about science and the environment. She is committed to inspiring youth to become agents of local change for meaningful impact and a more sustainable future.
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Meagan Lortie

Meagan is the Project Coordinator for Uncovering Common Ground, a new initiative that is part of our Roots & Shoots program. This unique project brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people to share ideas on how to make their communities more socially just, culturally aware and environmentally sustainable. Meagan has a degree in Children’s Rights and a diploma in Indigenous Community and Social Development. She strongly believes that true cross-cultural understanding occurs in the space where there is meaningful dialogue.
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Honourariums for staff speakers are appreciated. Fees are dedicated to supporting our work to protect the natural world and equip young people in becoming agents of community change.


If you have any further questions, please contact our office at; 416 978.3711
Photo by Ophir Sarusi