In honour of World Chimpanzee Day on July 14th, we invite you to make a meaningful difference in securing a safe future for our closest living relatives.

Together in partnership with local communities, the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada is combating the major threats driving chimpanzee extinction, including the illegal and brutal wildlife trade which claims the lives of an estimated 3,000 chimpanzees each year.

Your support is absolutely vital in protecting these magnificient creatures and their futures on our shared planet. Your kind gift today will go towards efforts across both Africa and Canada to protect chimpanzees on a global scale. Thank you!

Your donation will go to work right away, helping us to:

  • Protect orphaned and abused chimpanzees from the illegal wildlife trade and other human impacts;
  • Support life-saving programs and initiatives like the Sniffer Dog program where dogs are trained to sniff out products of the illegal wildlife trade in and around Tchimpounga Sanctuary;
  • Support communities to deliver community-centred conservation initiatives in both Canada and Africa so that our planet is healthy for all beings.

Help Us Give Other Chimpanzees a Story Like Jeje’s

The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada does not endorse handling or close proximity to chimpanzees and other wild animals. This video features our professional caretakers at Tchimpounga, working in controlled circumstances to give chimpanzees a second chance at life. 

Video credit: JGI